Bovingdons in partnership with Brockmans

27th June 2018 by Bovingdons

Earlier this year Bovingdons had the pleasure of teaming up with Brockmans Gin and Delicious Magazine for an exciting competition.

It’s not every day you get to work alongside two companies equally passionate about food and drink like ourselves, we jumped at the chance!

Brockmans Gin launched an exciting campaign alongside their summer cocktail issue in Delicious magazine. The competition; to come up with a dish, savoury or sweet, containing Brockmans Gin and complementing one of their exquisite cocktails, Brockmans’ Frose, What’s up Brock and The Perfect Serve.

The competition was inundated with recipes ranging from simple salads to complex main courses. The winner was picked by our Head Chef James Ford, alongside Bob Fowkes, Brockmans’ co founder and delicious drinks editor, Susy Atkins.

The winning dish was Duck Breast and Peaches, a recipe inspired by Lesley Grant and cooked by James for the final photo shoot.

It was a pleasure to work alongside such an exciting brand, we can certainly recommend the Gin and of course, why not try out the recipe yourself?